Attending My First Blogger Event: What I learnt

Even when I was just starting Beauty Dose, the thought of attending a blogger event was so exciting!

Despite this, I’ve always been the type to stay firmly in my comfort zone and that held me back on more than one occasion.

Last week, I decided to break the cycle of hiding behind my computer screen and head on over to the Black Olive blogging event in Yarm.

I know other bloggers will have this problem too, so I thought it would be a great idea to write about my experience and tell you what I learnt – so maybe you will try it out too.

After I talk briefly about the event, I have listed a few of the things I learnt from the experience that may be helpful to you!

Black Olive Blogger Event: My experience

I turned up with my two friends, Lucy and Curtis (who runs The Pop Geek) and were greeted with smiling faces and trays of prosecco.

The atmosphere was really lively with lots of people chatting  and waiters circling the place with huge trays of appetisers from mini fish cakes to bruschetta.

We all had a chance to mingle as everyone piled in and I got a good look at the swanky bar which was beautiful and decorated with fairy lights.

After about half an hour, we all sat down and watched a series of presentations from local marketing agency Viral Effect, web designers Eighty 8 and other various bloggers. At this point I was finding tips on how to use WordPress and how to market my blog – overall it was really helpful!

After the talks were over and I’d been giving copious amounts of porn-star martini and Jäger  bombs, live music was played as we got more chance to mingle with everyone!

I ended up leaving around 9:30pm and was gifted a goody bag on my way out!

What I got in my goody bag

If you follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page, you will have seen my snap of the goody bag I received!

  • A 200ml bottle of Familga Zonin Prosecco
  • A £20 Black Olive gift card
  • A voucher for one large pizza at Dominoes (what I was most excited for)
  • A Psyche loyalty card
  • A Psyche pen

This was the cutest thing ever and super generous – so thank you so much to Black Olive and all the organisers behind the event!

What I learnt:

1. Stop worrying about your outfit!

The whole week leading up to the event I was worrying about my outfit. Silly I know, but us girls are like that sometimes and I really wanted to make a good first impression!

My first task was trying to determine if it was a more professional or dressy event, so I tried to mix them both with Boohoo white blouse and blue jeans.

Can’t go wrong with a jeans and a nice top combo! To dress it up a little bit more I paired with Next heels and some Pat Butcher-esque gold earrings.

When I got there, there were people in party dresses, and people in jeans and a t-shirt – I quickly realised that there wasn’t a dress code! Next time my outfit choice definitely won’t be a huge worry for me!

2. People really like alcohol

I won’t lie – I’m one of these people.

All night we were taken care off by a fab team of waiters, always getting top ups on our prosecco if our glass was empty and offered more drinks! Being 5ft1, it was probably wasn’t smart of me to say yes every time I got offered a drink, but who can say no to a free cocktail?

I felt like this made the atmosphere so much more relaxed and really did help me loosen up a bit!

Of course, there were other non-alcoholic drinks available if we preferred.

3. You don’t have to be a pro

One of the biggest reasons I haven’t attended a blogger event yet – despite confidence – is that I didn’t feel like my blog was big enough. I would constantly tell myself: “When I reach x followers” or “When I’ve been blogging for x years” that THEN I would go. Looking back now, I know how stupid that is – these events are for literally everyone!

The presentations I listened to were so helpful, and a lot of it was catered to people who’d just started out and needed a bit more technical help. There was even information on how to create your blog – so even if you haven’t started yet, you can still benefit!

I learnt so much from WordPress packages to what kit to use, that I have a new found confidence in what I plan to do with my blog in the future.

4. It wasn’t as scary as I imagined it would be!

Don’t let your mind be your worst enemy 

I did for a long time, and it’s only ever held me back from great opportunities. These kind of events can seem really intimidating, I know. But, after attending this one, I cannot wait for the next!

First walking into the room, I was crazy with nerves, but after greeting all the lovely faces (and downing a couple martinis) I really loosened up and enjoyed myself.

Put yourself out there and say yes to as many opportunities as you can and you will be so much happier for it.

Did you find today’s post helpful? Also, have you been to a blogging event before? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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