This Beauty Line is Supporting Women In Domestic Violence | Ft. Eyewake

Hey guys!
It’s so amazing seeing beauty brands stand up for a real cause, and I was excited be approached by a member of the Eyewake team to spread the word!
A few weeks back, Eyewake kindly gifted me with the Collagen Eye Gel mask, and after testing it out and learning more about their campaign, I’m ready to make a blog post!
Disclaimer: Although this item was gifted, this post is not sponsored – all views are truthful and my own!

Once I found out about Eyewake’s campaign and partnership with Women’s Aid, I jumped at the chance to write this blog post. For every bottle of Collagen Eye Gel, a donation will be made to help victims of domestic violence!
Last year, 113 women were killed by men in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and Women’s Aid have been at the forefront of shaping and coordinating responses to domestic abuse for over 40 years.
By empowering women who have been affected by domestic abuse, listening to their experiences and working in partnership with other domestic abuse services, we aim to build a society in which domestic abuse is no longer tolerated.
– Women’s aid
If you wish to donate to Women’s Aid, you can do here.

Eyewake Collagen Gel Eye Mask

Note: I’ve put the ingredient list at the end of this post for those interested!

I’ve been using this product for just under two months and I can honestly say I have seen some benefits!

Being a dry skin girl (find out your skin type here) and having 2 dark circles as evidence of my enrolment at university, I welcome an eye care product with open arms.

Eyewake make some bold claims about their eye mask – here are my thoughts!

Reduce Dark Circles And Puffiness

Eyewake combines cucumber and elderflower that claims to awaken and soothe your under eye area.

yes yes and yes. One thing I have noticed previously about my eyes is the puffiness – especially in the morning! The first thing I noticed after a few weeks of using this was the puffiness around my eyes reduced – dramatically.

My dark circles still appear – most likely due to the late night in the library and excessive coffee drinking – but are much better due to this daily treat.

Not just for eyes!

This gel also contains Vitamin-E which is a strong antioxidant perfect for moisturising the skin and boosting your skin’s vitiliaty.

  • Moisturising to the entire face – As I’ve said before, this cooling gel absorbs straight into my skin and feels amazing afterwards!
  • Anti-aging – I’d like to think as a 20 year old with a baby face that I have a few years left before I have to worry about anti ageing benefits! I can’t vouch for this one particularly but looking at Amazon reviews – it doesn’t look too bad!
  • Base and primer for makeup  – I’m not a huge primer user to start with, but this product deeply moisturises my skin and my foundation lays so smoothly on top! If you’re a primer buff, I’d recommend you giving it a try and avoiding spending the $$$ on a high end product!

Made From A Trusted Source

Eyewake skincare products are never tested on animals and are completely cruelty free!

This product also contains no alcohol and is suitable for all skin types.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Don’t like this product? No problem, simply email the Eyewake team and get your money back!

Fancy this product for yourself? Buy now here.

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin(vegetable), Aloe Vera Gel, Sodium Carbomer, Witch Hazel, Rose Flower Water, Vitamin E, Elderflower extract, cucumber extract, citric acid, Hydrolysed Collagen, Phenoxyethanol

What did you think of today’s blog post? Would you try the Collagen Eye Gel? Let me know in the comments!

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Beauty Christmas Gift Guide Under £20 | Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Christmas is for giving, so if you’re a last minute shopper (like me) avoid the panic and feast your eyes on this list of beauty-related Christmas gifts – all £20 and under!

Click on the image to shop. Links not affiliate.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlight Mini £15

If you’ve heard of BECCA cosmetics then you know the brand is renowned for its highlighters. Get the best but still save some $$ with the mini pressed highlighters in Rose gold, Moonstone, Opal or Vanilla Quartz.


VICTORIA SECRET Body Mist in Coconut Passion £12.50

Victoria Secret is much loved by everyone, and this Coconut Passion is my absolute favourite scent!


NYX Glitter Goals Kit £15

If you know someone who loves a bit of sparkle then add a little glitter to their Christmas with the #glittergoals gift set! Inside you get the NYX glitter glue and three festive glitters for them Christmas glam looks this December.


ZOEVA Opulence Eye shadow Palette £18

For just £18 (works out as under £2 per eyeshadow!) you can get the ZOEVA Opulence Eyeshadow Palette. Perfect for any makeup lover.


TRESemme 7 Day Smooth Gift Set £10

You can’t go wrong with a hair treatment! This gift set contains a gift bag filled with a shampoo, conditioner, heat activated hair treatment and a hair brush.


ASOS Rose Gold Watch £14.99

Stray from the makeup into the accessories with a simple watch. ASOS has hundreds to chose from but this rose gold mesh strap is my favourite! (and so cheap)


KRISPY KREME Iced Sprinkles Nails £10

As if we didn’t already love Krispy Kreme enough, they’re killing the nail game! In this set you get 3 nail polishes (Original glazed, Lemon meringue, Strawberry gloss and glazed raspberry), a doughnut nail file and nail sprinkles.


REAL TECHNIQUES Ultimate Eye Set £19.99

$_1 (1)

The limited edition eye set is a collection of Real Technique’s most loved eye brushes as well as a case (with a mirror!) to store them in. Perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to expand their brush collection. (You can never have too many brushes)

LUSH Sweet Dreams Gift Box £18.95

Lush is a staple gift at Christmas time, get a collection of bath bombs and other pampering treats in the Sweet Dream Gift Box.


And that’s the list! What’s your favourite?

Wishing a huge Merry Christmas to every reader, I’ll be posting again after the 25th!


Natalie x



12 beauty hacks you can achieve with this one magic product | Featuring Dr PawPaw

Gone were the days of needing a million beauty products, Dr Pawpaw has changed the game with their multipurpose soothing balm.

“Meet DR Paw Paw, the original balm you can’t live without! Our paw paw lip balm is made in the UK from a variety of natural ingredients including paw paw, which, blended together, create a multi-purpose formula for you to carry around at all times thanks to the handy 25ml tube.” Dr Paw Paw

The balm’s main ingredient is fermented PawPaw, the fruit of the plant Carica Papaya. The Pawpaw has been found to have natural healing qualities and is believed by many to be the finest natural medicine yet discovered.

An ESSENTIAL for any woman’s handbag! Here’s our (seemingly endless) list of hacks you can achieve with this one product!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored however Dr Pawpaw kindly gifted multipurpose balm products for the purpose of this blog post


The most obvious one – apply this product to any dry patches of skin and your lips to keep you feeling moisturised this fall.

Makeup remover

Apply a small amount of balm on a cotton pad and use to remove your makeup! This trick works wonders for that stubborn mascara.

Hair Care

Rub a small amount in your hands and run your fingers through your hair to tame any split ends in between cuts!

Legs 11

Much like you would a body oil, throw a little PawPaw balm on your legs and rub in for a shine that will look amazing in photos and last all night.

Perfect manicure

Rub a little balm around your cuticles to avoid a messy nail polish application.

Feel the burn

Skin had a tough time during your piping hot holiday? Rub a little Dr PawPaw on the burned areas to soothe and repair.

Flutter them eyelashes

Apply a small amount of balm to your eyelashes before you sleep every night – you’ll find your eyelashes grow long and thick!

Cracked heels?

If your feet are feeling a little dry, smother them in some balm and put socks on before you go to bed – the ultimate foot mask you won’t regret in the morning!

Full brows

Tame them Delevingne brows by running a little product through them – they’ll be sure to stay put alllll day.

Smell fantastic

Prolong the scent of your expensive perfumes by applying a little balm to your pressure points before you spritz.

Baby mama

On the go with your young one? Don’t worry – Dr PawPaw balm works wonders for babies suffering from nappy rash!

Glow to the gods

Want that natural glow-from-within that makeup just can’t achieve? Dab a little balm on the tops of your cheekbones for a dewy, fresh finish!

To buy your balm, check out the Dr PawPaw website below!

Dr PawPaw

5 steps to make your tan last longer

If you’re wanting to make your tan last longer, it’s important to understand what your skin is doing when it transforms in colour.

According to Dr Cynthia Bailey, a tan is:

“Your skin’s ability to tolerate sun exposure is determined by how much pigment your skin can make and how quickly it makes it.”

In other words, your body is actually protecting you from harmful sun-rays by increasing the amount of pigment – called melanin – in the skin.

This is why it’s so important to look after your skin if you want to keep your golden glow. For our 6 steps to prolong your tan, continue reading!

1. Prepare your skin

This step takes place before you’ve even got your tan.

A week or two before you jet off on holiday, begin exfoliating your skin to remove any dead cells and expose new cells at the beginning of their cell life.

Doing this can not only prolong your tan but make it appear more even.

After you’ve tanned, continue to exfoliate your entire body – don’t worry, your tan is won’y be removed by doing this.

2. Be safe

If you plan on sunbathing, be safe.

When your skin burns, it will of course try to heal itself and by doing that, will peel much quicker.

If you’re skin peels, you’re going to lose your tan a lot faster – so use an SPF!

(Ideally between 30-50).

3. Drink water

If you’re constantly dehydrated, your skin is going to shed sooner rather than later.

To counteract this, make sure your skin cells are hydrated by drinking tonnes of water – especially in the heat where your body will be losing a lot of water.

4. Stay moisturised

Keeping your skin soft is vital in fighting off the fade.

This one goes hand in hand with the last point, so make sure to keep your skin slick and hydrated.


5. Try a supplement

There’s a mass of products on the market promising to maintain your tan – such as the Ambre Solaire After Sun Tan Maintainer – £5.00.

These products often work by artificially stimulating melanin production – so give them a go if you’re interested!

Birchbox Unboxing + Review | August

If you’re new to Birchbox like us, then you should know that it’s a monthly subscription service that provides you with a box of mystery beauty samples – kind of like Christmas all year round!

If you’re interested in getting a monthly gift from you for you for just £10, check out the Birchbox website.

To see our review of last months box – Click here!

I’d originally thought it was going to be hard to top the design of last months box, but this mermaid theme was even better.

The box was a mix of blues and greens with gold detailing and the original gold Birchbox logo in the centre – but was the contents as magical?

Spectrum Collections A05 Brush (FULL SIZE!) | RRP £7

The A05 brush was the sneak peek in last months box so was this was the item I was most excited for!

Surprisingly for a subscription service that hands our samples, the brush was full size!

As any lover of Spectrum brushes would know, this brush was suuuuper soft and the angle makes it perfect for bronzer!

LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Rock Steady (FULL SIZE!) | RRP £8


Surprisingly again! There was another full size product in this month’s box which was pretty impressive.

This product claims to deliver 11 hours of crease-less, waterproof colour – perfect if you don’t want to mess around with multiple brushes and primers.

The colour appeared a dark brown but had a lovely sparkly sheen that made it appear a little lighter when I swatched it.

It was also really hard to get off my hand so there’s no doubt that this is truly long lasting.

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil Shimmer | RRP £20*


This product reminded me a lot of a similar product I already own – The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmer Oil – and could also be a dupe for the Nars Monoi Body Glow.

The oil itself smells beautiful ad leaves a lovely sheen on the skin, however doesn’t top the Body Shop version which also has more of a bronzing effect.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze is also cheaper, as you get 100ml of product for £18 – compared to NUXE which offers 50ml of product for £20.

While I will definitely make use of this, there’s definitely better dry oils on the market!

Whish Renewing Mud Mask | RRP £29*


The scent of this is enough to trick you into thinking your on holiday!

This exfoliating mud mask is packed with fruit enzymes and claims to brighten and purify your skin.

I applied this to my face for just 2 minutes – leave for only 15 seconds if you’re sensitive – ad it left my skin feeling super clean and soft! (and smelling amazing).

Number 4 Sugar Texturizing Spray | £20

As I have pretty thick and wavy hair already I don’t have a lot of use for this.

The spray claims to achieve them beachy waves everyone craves and lasts all day.

I did try this and actually found that it kept my hair under control in the heat and humidity of the summer – so wasn’t as bad as I first thought!


What was your favourite product this month?

Sneak Peek for September!

Next month’s sneak peek is the Makandar Beauty Fantasy 3-in-1 treat – a champagne-pink glow that can be used as a blush, highlighter and eye-shadow!

Keep an eye out for the unboxing!

*RRP refers to the price of the FULL SIZE product

Identifying your skin type + How to care for it

Combination skin

How it feels: If you have combination skin, your face will often feel oily in the t-zone but dry everywhere else. This is because the our oil glands are more located in the centre of the face.

How your pores appear: Your pores will appear often enlarged or even clogged around the t-zone, but unnoticeable around the cheeks

After cleansing: After cleansing your face, skin will feel clear and refreshed in the t-zone but tight  and dry elsewhere.

How to care: 

  1. Use a mild cleanser that keeps oil at bay but also doesn’t strip the skin – such as this Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
  2. Use a lightweight, oil free moisturiser – such as this Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser

Sensitive skin

How it feels: Skin can often feel itchy, patchy and dry, as well as often reacting to products out on your face.

How your pores appear: Pores appear normal to large depending on if irritation occurs.

After cleansing: Skin feels clean after cleansing and also a little dry. Reactions can often occur to ingredients in the cleanser.


How to care:

  1. Use face washes with a neutral PH and paraben free
  2. Avoid scrubs or anything else abrasive on the skin
  3. Use fragrance free moisturisers and apply sun lotion – with at least 30spf – regularly.


Normal skin

How it feels: Skin feels even and balanced

How your pores appear: Pores are usually unnoticeable

After cleansing: Skin feels refreshed and clear after cleansing. You may want to use a little moisturiser as usual but overall skin doesn’t feel dry

How to care:

This is easily the most desirable and low maintenance skin type so not many steps are needed!

  1. Use light lotions and serums – nothing too heavy is necessary.

Oily skin

How it feels: Skin can often feel greasy and look shiny

How your pores appear: Pores are most often enlarged and clogged resulting in regular breakouts.

After cleansing: Skin feels clean and oil free for a short period of time before oil returns.


How to care:

  1. Cleanse skin often to keep oil at bay
  2. Avoid heavy moisturisers and stick to oil free products
  3. Ensure that you still moisturise to avoid oil glands overcompensating for dryness.

Dry skin

How it feels: Skin feels dry and tight. Normal for skin to flake and/or crack – especially in the winter months.

How your pores appear: Pores appear small and tight

After cleansing: Skin can feel stripped of oil and dehydrated.

How to care: 

  1. Check the label of face products you use – keep away from ingredients like alcohol and salicylic acid
  2. Use a gentle cleanser to avoid stripping the skin of moisture
  3. Use a mild and gentle toner – I recommend a lavender or rose water toner
  4. After toner and before moisturising, use a serum. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid which helps retain moisture in the skin and has antioxidant benefits.

The truth about fad diets | Do they really work?

Whether your being told to live off juices or avoid any enjoyable food you can imagine, we’ve all heard of at least one ludicrous old wives tale to magically transform you into a VS model.

Here we’ll call them fad diets.

A ‘fad diet’ is any kind of diet that promises super quick or even instant results – usually through extreme measures of enforcing an unhealthy and unbalanced diet.

giphy (3)


Check out this post from that hits the nail on the head about Determining A Fact from Fad.

Here is a short list of our reasons why fad diets just aren’t for you.

They deny your body nutrients

Cabbage soup diet.

Sounds heavenly doesn’t it?


This 7 day food plan claims to lose you up to 10lbs with it’s extremely low fat low cal soup diet.

Yes, cabbages are jam packed with fibre and antioxidants such as vitamin C, but guess what? You’re body runs on a lot more than that.

Not only is this diet bland, it’s lacking the proteins and healthy fats necessary for your body to function!

Unless you want to risk dizziness, constant vomiting and stomach pains we’d recommend you steer clear of this one.

This diet also makes it really hard to control blood sugar levels, making it really unsafe for diabetics.

They target your insecurities

A huge reason why fad diets are so popular is the growing pressure for people to have as little fat on them as possible.bp

People who focus on desperately achieving a smaller frame rather than take on the difficulty of a healthy lifestyle are the most susceptible to these misleading, money-grabbing campaigns.


We covered more on how to gain body confidence in this article.

You don’t actually lose fat

giphy (2).gif

You’re body actually burns calories in stages – meaning the majority of the weight you DO lose is water weight.

Soooo.. you’re not only wasting your time but your also dehydrating yourself.

Note: being dehydrated actually makes you more prone to binge eating!!

You’ll exhaust yourself

We’ve all became so obsessed with the idea of lowering our caloric intake that we forget the purpose of them!

The calories we eat translate into the energy we need for our body to function.

So good luck getting through that long day at work because there’s a good chance you’ll be asleep at the desk.


The unfortunate truth is, the health industry is just that – an industry. Because of this there is a hell of a lot of misleading marketing going on behind the scenes.

In another article we talked about misleading ‘health foods’ – check it out here.