Low Maintenance Beauty Products You Need In Your Gym Kit |

January is here and new year resolutions are waiting to be broken! If you want to get fit this 2018 or just have a love for working out then you’re going to need a few things!

Whether you’re the fit girl, the super busy girl or the wouldn’t-be-caught-breaking-a-sweat girl, I’ve compiled a short but sweet list of {actual} low maintenance beauty products you can keep with you on the go.

Dr Paw Paw Multipurpose Soothing Balm


I’ve spoke about this product before so I won’t go into too much detail. This balm is EVERYTHING and does EVERYTHING. Fly-aways? Dry lips? Ran out of highlighter? Dr PawPaw has you covered!

Plus you can get them in different sizes (and now with pigments for a super quick rosey cheek and lip combo!)

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Garnier Micellar Wipes


Let me explain! I know makeup wipe users are looked upon as Satan worshippers in the beauty community, but when you don’t want to carry around a huge bottle of micellar water with you, they can be a life saver!

The Garnier Micellar wipes are my favourite and keep my face feeling fresh and clean when i’m in a hurry.

Why is micellar water so good? Well micelles are attracted to dirt and impurities in the skin and draw out makeup and oil from your pores like a magnet.

It’s also super gentle on the skin and is a quick fix at the gym if you need to rush off after a hard workout!

Victoria Secret Body Mist 


This one is pretty obvious, if you don’t want to stink out the place or anyone in close proximity to you, always keep a scent with you! Nothing too strong but aim for a more refreshing and clean scent.

You can use any spray you like of course, but i’d recommend this Victoria Secret body mist in Coconut Passion, it smells aaaamazing

N4 High Performance Texturising Spray


Have a spritz of texturising spray on hand to help you get away with sweaty gym hair.

Embrace the messy hair look, nobody will have to know about your sweaty little secret!

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Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets


Slip a pack of these babies in your gym kit and dab on your face after, your skin will thank you for it!

They’re also great to carry around during the day to keep your oil at bay and makeup perfectly in place!

What items do you keep in your gym kit? Or even just your everyday bag! Let me know in the comments!

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