The brow product that lasts 3 days | Ft. Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel

After countless restocks, I finally got my hand on the latest Maybelline brow product – the Tattoo Brow Gel!

If you have no clue what product we’re talking about here, check out this video:

Maybelline claims that this gel formula:

  • Glides on effortlessly
  • Removes gently without pulling hairs out
  • Is transfer and smudge proof
  • Creates a natual look which lasts up to 3 days – gradually fading over time


I ordered my Brow Tattoo from Superdrug for £12.99, and once it arrived in the post, I noticed just how small the packaging was.

The tube is around the size of a ‘fun size’ lipgloss and has very little weight to it – containing just 4.6g of product. The instruction state to apply this gel generously to the eyebrow with each use, so I can’t imagine this product to last longer than 3-4 weeks (if used every 3 days).

The applicator was another surprising factor as i’d expected a brush tip similar to an eyebrow brush used for pomade or powder products – this applicator is quite a lot thicker than that so a second brush might be handy if you want to create a defined brow shape.


Maybelline offer the choice of wearing the gel for 20 minutes to overnight. To give myself an idea of what finish I wanted, I tested the product on my hand for 20 minutes. 

I wanted my brows to be way darker than it appeared on my hand (to match my dark hair) so I took the plunge and kept it on overnight!

The product was still perfectly intact one I woke up, and peeled off quick and easy – no eyebrow hairs were plucked!

I was so happy with the results and I didn’t have to touch them as I got ready for the day, here’s a picture of the results:

In review

  • Two days later and my brows have only faded very slightly!
  • I would recommend pairing the Maybelline brush with a more precise angled brush for a defined shape
  • The colour is very versatile as it can be left on for 20 minutes or overnight depending on what look you’re after.

What’s your favourite brow product? Will you be giving the brow tattoo a go? Let me know in the comments! 



Author: Beauty Dose

20 y/o Women's Beauty blogger from NE England. Follow for makeup, fashion and women's health posts.

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