Combination skin

How it feels: If you have combination skin, your face will often feel oily in the t-zone but dry everywhere else. This is because the our oil glands are more located in the centre of the face.

How your pores appear: Your pores will appear often enlarged or even clogged around the t-zone, but unnoticeable around the cheeks

After cleansing: After cleansing your face, skin will feel clear and refreshed in the t-zone but tight  and dry elsewhere.

How to care: 

  1. Use a mild cleanser that keeps oil at bay but also doesn’t strip the skin – such as this Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
  2. Use a lightweight, oil free moisturiser – such as this Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser

Sensitive skin

How it feels: Skin can often feel itchy, patchy and dry, as well as often reacting to products out on your face.

How your pores appear: Pores appear normal to large depending on if irritation occurs.

After cleansing: Skin feels clean after cleansing and also a little dry. Reactions can often occur to ingredients in the cleanser.


How to care:

  1. Use face washes with a neutral PH and paraben free
  2. Avoid scrubs or anything else abrasive on the skin
  3. Use fragrance free moisturisers and apply sun lotion – with at least 30spf – regularly.


Normal skin

How it feels: Skin feels even and balanced

How your pores appear: Pores are usually unnoticeable

After cleansing: Skin feels refreshed and clear after cleansing. You may want to use a little moisturiser as usual but overall skin doesn’t feel dry

How to care:

This is easily the most desirable and low maintenance skin type so not many steps are needed!

  1. Use light lotions and serums – nothing too heavy is necessary.

Oily skin

How it feels: Skin can often feel greasy and look shiny

How your pores appear: Pores are most often enlarged and clogged resulting in regular breakouts.

After cleansing: Skin feels clean and oil free for a short period of time before oil returns.


How to care:

  1. Cleanse skin often to keep oil at bay
  2. Avoid heavy moisturisers and stick to oil free products
  3. Ensure that you still moisturise to avoid oil glands overcompensating for dryness.

Dry skin

How it feels: Skin feels dry and tight. Normal for skin to flake and/or crack – especially in the winter months.

How your pores appear: Pores appear small and tight

After cleansing: Skin can feel stripped of oil and dehydrated.

How to care: 

  1. Check the label of face products you use – keep away from ingredients like alcohol and salicylic acid
  2. Use a gentle cleanser to avoid stripping the skin of moisture
  3. Use a mild and gentle toner – I recommend a lavender or rose water toner
  4. After toner and before moisturising, use a serum. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid which helps retain moisture in the skin and has antioxidant benefits.


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