Just like buying stationary for the first day back at school, kitting out your gym wardrobe does wonders in motivating you to start your fitness adventure.

Athletic clothing is also supportive during some heavy workout sessions and adds a touch of confidence to your attitude.

Today we test out some of our Nike favourites and tell you what we think!

NIKE Pro Classic Women’s Sports Bra


The damage: £25

You might worry about the support of this piece considering there’s no padding at all.

However we found the piece to be craaazy supportive, and recommend it to anyone with a larger bust – your ladies won’t be moving ANYWHERE!

Although you feel very tucked in and in place, the piece doesn’t dig in uncomfortably like a lot of sports bras do.

As for the price we just can’t say no!

NIKE Power Legend Twist Women’s Training Tights


The damage: £50

These are a little pricey, especially if you’re just starting out!

BUT the quality is definitely there – the Nike Power fabric has compression technologies which supports and keeps the shape of your core.

Just feeling the material you can tell they’re a long-time investment.

Another plus is that these are pretty high waist, so if your not too comfortable with your stomach area quite yet these are great for keeping you all tucked in.

The only drawback is the length as they’re a little too long (5ft 2 talking here) but if that doesn’t bother you then these may be for you!

Unfortunately these aren’t in stock at the moment but keep an eye out on the Nike store if you’re interested!

NIKE Pro black shorts


The damage: £19.99 – now discounted to £16.99!

As you can see these are pretty tight… and pretty short! So we would recommend you go a size up.

These are the most comfortable piece in this entire post!

Not only do they allow a lot of movement, they’re amazing for keeping you cool during them warm up sessions.

For only £20 the quality is great!

NIKE Pro Tank Top

purple-nike-pro-ootdThe damage: £20 – now discounted to £15!

This top is a great addition to your collection if you want to be covered up, but still want something light and cool.

The material is very thin and stretchy and pretty comfortable to wear.

One bad quality is that the material can also be pretty clingy (see image).


NIKE pro ladies bra

20225701_721464421370789_8734871991435132928_nThe damage: £24.99 – now discounted to £19.99!

This piece wasn’t as supportive as the sports bra mentioned above so definitely something we would recommend for those of you with a smaller bust.

Despite this, the item was super comfortable and breathable – we also loved the fun colour!

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