If you’re new to Birchbox like us, then you should know that it’s a monthly subscription service that provides you with a box of mystery beauty samples – kind of like Christmas all year round!

I actually found a sponsored post by Birchbox on Facebook which offered last minute buyers an additional ‘mystery box’ if they purchased July’s edition!

So obviously I made an impulse buy and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the prizes that landed on my doorstep!

Having no knowledge of Birchbox, I cut open the cardboard packaging with no expectations but was happily surprised at how gorgeous the packaging was.

The products come tucked away inside a small drawer with a unique pattern for each month – perfect for collecting and as each month you can build on what will turn to to be a tiny set of drawers for your desk!

The pattern was super summery with a pink and blue sunset, black palm trees and a metallic logo.

But the contents is what was most exciting!


Benefit Cosmetics Gogotint Lip & Cheek Stain | RRP £25.50*

The most hyped about product in this box was definitely the Lip + Cheek Stain by Benefit.

Birchbox provided each subscriber with either the Chachatint – a more orangey/red shade – or like me, the Gogotint – described as a ‘bright cherry’.

After only two days of trying to get the thing open, I finally got to see what the hype was about!

The colour was beautiful as a natural flush to the cheeks but also build-able for those wanting that extra pigment – a bonus being that it can be used on the lips too!

Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water | RRP £16*

I hadn’t heard of this brand before but as a sucker for a good micellar water I was happy to give this a try.

Honestly the chamomile-infused formula did smell pretty funky, but the refreshing feeling this left on my skin made it totally worth it.

I used it by applying to a cotton pad and wiping it over my face – it removed my makeup beautifully and didn’t leave a weird film on my face like some other brands do.

Adding the fact that t’s a natural product enriched with regenerating neroli and mandarin oils, this was a win for me.

Rituals Hammam Delight Foaming Shower Gel | RRP from £4.50*

This product was my favourite of the whole box!

With it being described as a foam shower gel, I had assumed it would be just like the other ones I own – such as ____ –  and that it would pump out like a thin foam.

This one however squirts out like a gel, and begins to expand pretty rapidly as soon as it touches your skin.

This product felt amazing lathering into the skin! The formula is really hard to describe but is very thick and cushion like.

The eucalyptus and rosemary was not only refreshing to the skin but left a lovely scent which lasted most of the day!

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eye-shadow Trio in Champagne Mocha | RRP £15.50*

Being a eye-shadow hoarder, I was sceptical about these eye-shadows due to the plain and basic packaging.

In the trio is three unnamed, shimmery shades as shown in the image, which came with one of them useless sponge applicator wands – why do they even exist?!

However in all honesty, the formula and pigment of these eye-shadows is surprisingly good! The colour selection is perfect for a simple everyday eye look and the small packaging is travel-friendly.

Percy + Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery | RRP £20*

Does anyone else have super dry hair that turns greasy as soon as you’re anywhere near a bottle of hair conditioner?

As I struggle with this, i’m always looking for alternative products to add moisture and softness to my hair without it being too cakey – so hearing about this product pricked up my ears.

This stuff smells heavenly!

Smoothing this product through my dry hair before bed and shampooing it out once i wake up has turned my frizzy hair super smooth and silky.

It also doesn’t transfer onto my pillow!

I’ve only used this the once so I will definitely have to keep trying it out but so far I love it.


Sneak peek for August!

Birchbox has gave us a sneak peek for August’s box! Everyone will receive a FULL SIZE Spectrum Collections make-up brush!

To see my review of the August Birchbox – Click Here!




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