Spending day and night exercising and dieting is a waste of effort if you haven’t got that initial body confidence.

So many people live with the belief that as soon as they ‘fix’ that one thing they find ugly about themselves they’ll suddenly feel beautiful – but this isn’t the case!

This mindset can have a serious toll on the body, both physically and emotionally – with people setting unrealistic goals for themselves, which can only cause more distress

In this article we have 8 ways to help you gain that confidence in yourself, so you feel beautiful no matter what!

Stop comparing

We’ve all been a victim to the explore page of instagram.

Sometimes it’s easy to find yourself following an endless list of accounts from models to celebrities just to scroll through their page with envy.

If you find yourself getting nothing out of these accounts except feeling bad about yourself, UNFOLLOW!

If you find it impossible to not get swept up in the fake reality of someones seemingly perfect life – sign out from social media and concentrate on yourself – even if you do this for short periods at a time.

The sooner you stop forcing yourself to compare with others the happier you will be.

Invest in clothes that make you feel beautiful

In the last decades, businesses – especially clothing brands – are moving to social media to advertise their products.

It’s easy to get caught up with the latest fashion trends that your favourite celebrities have inspired.

Don’t buy clothes for the sole reason of fitting in – choose outfits that suit your personality and that you actually feel comfortable in!

You don’t need to feel pressured to buy that skimpy bra-let if you aren’t going to feel confident wearing it.

The results will truly show when you feel like you’re slaying an outfit as you’ll be so much more confident, happy and care free!

Silence your inner critic

It’s important to acknowledge and stop fat talk ( or any talk consisting of you putting yourself down)

It’s so easy, especially as girls/women to use our group of friends as outlets to our insecurities.

Like said in this article of Women’s Health: ‘”If a woman says ‘I’m so fat,’ the other woman might feel like she has to say ‘no, I’m the fat one. Have you seen my thighs?'”

If you can be more aware of these types of conversations with your friends, you can change the topic to actually EMPOWERING each other – that’s what friends are for after all!

Pamper yourself

Make time to treat your body right!

Setting side time for yourself can be an amazing treat when you’re not feeling your best.

Get a massage, get your nails done, or even just have a long relaxing bath!

Anything that gets you feeling pampered is a must to feel sexy and relaxed – you and your body deserve it!

The most important thing is to take it slow – this is no time to rush, enjoy every last minute!

Mind over matter

Thin about the bigger picture.

In 30 years time do you wanting to be thinking ‘oh I wish I loved myself more’ or looking back on amazing memories with people you love where you were happy and carefree?

I think we all know the answer to that one. 🙂


Natalie @ Health Tonic



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